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18/07/2015 · Demonstration of how I step the mast of my Catalina 22 sailboat with only a DIY mast stepper and the main sheet without a gin pole. See my separate videos on how to rig the boom for use as a gin pole and how to raise the mast. 06/08/2008 · This is the first version and will be updated to improve video and audio as it is perfected.

The Mast Stepper is a square metal rod that slips into the gudgeons where your rudder normally goes. It has a fork with a roller at the top and extends upward to cradle the mast just before stepping up or down. It also acts as a storage crutch in the off-season. Catalina Direct, publishers of the Catalina 22 and Catalina 25 Owner's Handbooks and the largest supplier of parts and Lewmar winches for Catalina Yachts in the country. The Catalina 22 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with teak wood trim. It has a masthead sloop rig, a raked stem, a vertical transom, a large self-bailing cockpit, with under-seat lockers, a transom-hung rudder controlled by a tiller and a fixed fin keel.

Catalina Direct, publishers of the Catalina 22 and Catalina 25 Owner's Handbooks and the largest supplier of parts and Lewmar winches for Catalina Yachts in the country. SHOP BY BOAT Dinghies Canvas & Covers. The mast is already partially stepped and supported by the Mast Up. 18/07/2015 · Demonstration of how I rig the boom of a Catalina 22 sailboat to work as a gin pole to assist with mast raising and lowering. For details about this method. The bad thing about the Catalina 22 is that when the mast base is in the mast step, the mast cannot lie flat on the cabin top, the top of the mast must be elevated a few feet. I made a mast crutch that I mounted in the cockpit to hold the end of the mast up at the proper angle. Most people use the trailer winch to help raise and lower the mast. You are about to learn some basic terminology that will, hopefully, start you down the adventure of a lifetime. But always keep in mind that if you are at this page then your job on a sailboat is to heed the captain and mind your manners. 11/09/2015 · This is the easiest and simplest way to raise the mast on a Catalina 22 that I have ever seen. A special custom made bracket temporarily mounts the winch on the mast. Strap pulls from a 2 x 4 mounted on the trailer winch up to the bow pulpit. Winch ratchets in both directions. The winch provides the lifting force. The operator.

01/10/2003 · Raising the mast does get easier and easier every time you do it. If you use the main sheet block and tackle the way that I suggested, you can cleat the mainsheet with the mast part way down, if you need to stop for any reason. We lowered the mast one time with the boat in it's slip to replace the mast light. Just as another note. 07/12/2017 · Sailing upwind with moderate backstay on, sight up the backside of the mast checking that it is straight. Tighten or loosen lower shrouds until mast is straight side-to-side. Your mast is now tuned for moderate winds. The reason for checking the mast while sailing is. The Catalina 22 is the most commercially successful sailboat of all time and is one of the 5 inaugural members of the American Sailboat Hall of Fame. Frank Butler of Catalina Yachts designed the Catalina 22, which was Catalina's first production boat. Since 1969, Catalina Yachts has built and sold over 16,000 Catalina 22s. Catalina.

• The new Catalina 22 is equipped with a mast from a different vendor. The original 25' mast for the first generation boat is no longer available. The entire supply has been exhausted. Please call Tech support at 916/843-1971 if you are in need of a new mast. Mast complete for the first generation Catalina 22. Catalina Yachts aims to encourage more family racing with the thousands of first generation 22s by offering an alternative to finding an older boat, and restoring it just to be competitive in the dozens of established Catalina 22 fleets. Like the first Catalina 22, the 22Sport is easy to trailer, and a great boat to step up from dinghy sailing. 03/11/2010 · The bad thing about the Catalina 22 is that when the mast base is in the mast step, the mast cannot lie flat on the cabin top, the top of the mast must be elevated a few feet. I made a mast crutch that I mounted in the cockpit to hold the end of the mast up at the proper angle. Most people use the trailer winch to help raise and lower the mast.

09/12/2019 · Just purchased a "new to me" 2002 Catalina 22 MkII. Came with the factory supplied mast raising system that includes a gin pole, baby stays and all the block n' tackle. It appears however that I'm missing the "bushing" located inside the mast which the gin pole slides onto once inserted into the hole near the bottom of the mast. This custom pedestal is machined to fit against the contours of the Catalina 22 masthead. Fits all Catalina 22 models including the Catalina 22 sport. Use with our Z2004 masthead anchor light see below. The wire is lead down the inside of the tube then through a. In the event that you are looking out for Catalina 22 Boat Parts, you have indeed come to the appropriate place. Presently there are actually numerous places to buy from on-line, but you have chosen our web-site and we appreciate that greatly.

"My brother and I just bought an 81 Catalina 22 that was abandoned. It currently has a cabin half full of ice. It was allowed to sit in the back of a boat bone yard unattended and forgotten. We are in the process of getting the water/ice out of the cabin to determine if the boat is salvageable or just a part donor.

Find Catalina 22 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate Catalina boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader!</plaintext></p> <p>This manual is intended and supplied to help owners of Catalina 22's understand their boats and answer common questions about maintenance and systems design specific to the Catalina 22. ___ Mast and boom inspected; cotter pins, sheaves, tangs, spreaders OK. 16. ___ Mast lights checked before mast. The Catalina 22 is a classic, one of the most popular one-design sailboats in the world. With nearly 16,000 boats manufactured in the past 50 years making them readily available and relatively inexpensive to own and sail. The Catalina 22 is easy to trailer and set up. The CATALINA 22 SPORT was released in 2003. Originally called the CAPRI 22 swing keel. From a new "fairer" mold though the hull design is the same as the original CATALINA 22. Thanks to former Catalina dealer Joe Rose and a number of others for providing additional information. The connector box is a simple plastic project box. I epoxied a terminal strip inside and ran the mast wiring into it. This allowed me to have a single, 4 conductor cable run from the mast to the 4.</p> <p>1977 Catalina 22 Owners Manual Foreword This manual will serve as a guide to the features that are special to the Catalina 22 model. The manufacturer has designed this manual to be used in conjunction with a GENERAL HANDBOOK. Catalina 22 mast light disconnect question. I need help updating my single steaming light to a steaming and deck light on my Catalina 22. The female end of the disconnectto take the mast downseems to be imbedded in the boats fiberglass/poly whatever the core of the deck is made of.</p> <p>The following projects are all things that I have done or am about to complete on the Christopher-Jin. 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